Spain Spanish in Sydney

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Buenos dias! ¿Como estas?
Today is such a beautiful day… again.
Max temperature 23 Min 11degrees…
That’s like… summer now.

Hope it’s not gonna go down again I wish this weather would last forever…

Spanish night last night 🙂
With my Venezuelan friend

Forgot which restaurant exactly we went to haha
There are so many Spanish restaurants around that area ( On liverpool street )

Spanish wine ( with a lot of fruit ) Sangria
Mixed with Sparkling water and ice e.t.c. so it’s not alcoholic they say
Was very fruity but still was very alcoholic to me… haha

My friend’s favorite Jamon something… ( well HAM. )
Was very delicioso

Yumm I am already missing those beautiful food…
Never really have a courage to go to Spanish restaurant though ( especially alone )

My favorite, Paella!
I LOVE Paella, I absolutely love them!
I would even love to cook myself at home but don’t know how.

I have eaten Paella only twice before so that was my third time eating it
The first time was in Japan second time was at a fish and chips restaurant in Watsons bay
This one was the best for sure!

Chicken and seafood Paella…

And one another favorite of mine…

Churros con chocolate!
Spanish Doughnut!

Oh my baby I love you churros…
I think every Japanese does though!
Since they always have to eat them in Disney land… haha

Anyway I think Spanish food is my most favorite food now haha
I want to go to Melbourne again… Churros shops everywhere

Que tengas un bien dia hoy!



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I am a Kerastase addict.
Everything I use for my hair is Kerastase
Well before I have worked in a Kerastase/L’Oreal salon and
Ever since I just can’t cut myself off them.

My favorite is the Chroma series the pink ones on the top left
They are for colored  hair and really rich and milky and smells so good!

My sharemate uses this series Oleo relax
And Oleo Slim masque is my favorite.
These are to smooth down your hair and gets rid of the hair frizz.
Leave in treatment smells like mango!

It’s not what I use but from the same series
My hair is very damaged as I have bleached my hair a couple times before
So this is not enough though Chroma reflect is basically for those
who’s dyed their hair black or darker, and Chroma reflect doesn’t really weigh down your hair
a light conditioner but still for colored hair
I love the look! so pretty!

I don’t know if it’s still popular now though
When I was working there there were always customers ( not only one )
coming in for this treatment every day.


The caviar pearls contain all the nutrition and the cream get them in through.
It comes with a 30minutes of head massage and I couldn’t forget the massage routine anymore.

And again it smells so good…
Forgot what it smelt like but it did smell good anyway
like you would wanna rub the treatment into your hand…

Not only these three but my favorite shampoos ( baths ) …
Chroma riche- colored hair ( rich )
Bain de force- strengthening the hair
Age recharge- repairing the hair, one of the lightest ones
Oleo relax- smoothing down, nourishing
Bio recharge- fixing scalp problem
Bain divalent- Oily scalp

Maybe that’s about it.
I even learnt French to study about Kerastase back then…
Can’t pronounce them anymore though…
I think Kerastase products are awesome with good technologies.

Oh yeh the last one

This was my speciality… lol

This was the only “heat activated” treatment from Kerastase when I was working there.
Bain Nutri-Thermique ( Shampoo )
Fondant Nutri-Thermique ( light conditioner )
Nutri-Thermique masque ( intense treatment )

This was and is my absolute favorite.
Back then my hair was almost platinum blonde and was so dry then
And this series was revolutionary as
It just so easily detangled my hair and made it so soft and smooth
It was absolutely addictive from the first use!

It was made for the most women who have a dry hair and
still use thermal hair styling tools like hot tongs or straighteners
Nutri thermique uses the heat ( Hot shower, hot towel, blowdryer, GHD…e.t.c )
to lock the nutrition within the hair

I always check out Kerastase salons from outside still but
They seem to have got new products again, but don’t know what.
I miss Kerastase so much I need the interaction with Kerastase products every now and then… lol

Hope I can go back to work in a Kerastase salon again soon and catch up… haha
Viva Kerastase XOXO

Feels fresher feel better

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In this morning I was in my room looking at my new bag from Forever new
I always buy a lot of shoes but never got into the habit of buying bags so
It feels really new and fresh and feels like I could walk on a new pathway.

Well maybe too much exaggeration though really feel much better
Doesn’t really matter what kind of bag they are really

It was on sale and was the second last one…
It’s just my cultural thing but I find it funny how the workers react to some things.

The lady there talking to me got the price wrong and
at the counter she went

“Oops.. I said it was 30% more discounted from the price on tag but
it is already discounted already apparently! *awkward*
…At least you are buying it for much cheaper! :D”

Gotta love this culture, it wouldn’t work the same in Japan

Anyway, I wanted a bag my scissors case fits in so I am happy either way.
I don’t usually like white though as I always get everything white dirty.

Last night I went down to Darling harbor with my friend for dinner
for the first time in months!

We were initially gonna go to the bar he is gonna be working at and
we went there and figured they were closed ( Wednesday! )
So we rang Belgium beer cafe if we could make a booking for the night
( Wednesday mussle pot for half the price! ) then
They went it’s all full booked out and they could put us on a waiting list so

We just gave up and went down to harbor.

It’s one of my most favorite restaurants in Darling Harbor.
I am a huge fan of their steaks anyway.

It’s not a corn soup!
Seafood chowder my favorite but
I felt like it gets saltier everytime
Last night it felt like drinking salt.

Still the best though
My favorite garlic bread on the back.
Soft and crunchy on the same bread

Forgot what my friend was eating but
Apparently he wanted his steak well done and
The waitress was almost convincing him to order medium rare
looked a bit funny

Anyway the past few days have been really warm.
Yesterday I was even walking outside in half sleeved shirt…

Today is such a fine day again with no cloud on the sky.
Hope it’s gonna be a nice day.

Oops I did it again!

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Confession of the shoeholic. Again.
I now own like 20 shoes at home maybe more.

I don’t buy a lot of cloths but keep buying only shoes!
I don’t know how I will wear them.

Firstly this is my most favorite shoes I bought online from Japan

Was around last September I think that I bought this shoes.
Was from Rakuten ( like Japanese version of ebay ) and
I thought was really cool, and it was only about $40AUD something.

It’s like one of the most comfortable shoes I own now and
It’s so easy to walk in this!
Also it’s got this massive cushion on the front bit so it’s not directly painful to the feet.
You can wear this with most of black cloths so I wear this a lot!
This is one of my favorite of all time

And this time’s oops I did it again was that

I accidentally bought two pairs of shoes again…

They were just so so cheap like $70AUD for two pairs and
I needed flat shoes for work so that’s for it…

Looks like it’s gonna break in a few days though hope they will survive for a while!

Today I was gonna have a photoshoot but I am a little sick for the first time in months
maybe from this weather and stuff so will take it easy today…
Resting time! Have a good day everyone xxx

Chameleon girls

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California gurls by Katy Perry is like my recent favorite song.
Maybe cause my salon always plays it though.

Besides, she pulls off a lot of different look
that’s what I like about her, I love chameleon girls.
She is not just only a “I kissed a girl” girl.

She has such big eyes and pointy nose ( Well I love pointy nose )
I knew she was really pretty but I didn’t know she was that exceptionally gorgeous

I don’t listen to her music so I haven’t actually seen her after “I kissed a girl”
But a few months ago when I was walking in Myer I saw this poster of her

I think it is of her perfume no?
She was stunning I thought a long back hair suits her more than anyone else.

These are from the music video of California gurls.
Even blue hair looks awesome on her

This is gorgeous. From California gurls too.
She is awesome to pull off so many hair colors too.

I saw her in a blonde hair too, it looked so natural, rather suits her.
I am one chameleon girl too everyone tells me I always look too different every time they see me and
Some even don’t recognize me… even if we were friends.

I like her style! I may as well get more colorful wigs!


Time flies

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I was just net surfing and saw the name Rola on some web news.
Rola is a Japanese Bangladeshi girl who models for magazines and runways in Japan.
She used to model for a magazine that I modeled for too and we worked together before when I was in Japan.

I wondered what she is doing now so
I went on Youtube and looked her up then some videos of TV shows she featured in came up.

It’s actually really amazing to see her on TV shows.
When I met her in person she was certainly skinny and pretty but
the strongest impression I have got about her was that she was anyway funny.

She kept on talking and talking and talking and just was hilarious.
It’s good to see her valued in TV shows, she has a good character.

Time flies though really.
I don’t remember how many years it’s been ever since though.
It feels like it was just yesterday I was in the studio and chatting with pretty girls.

Time flies, I have got so much I want to do but
can’t consume anything.
In rush in rush, gotta get over the frustration and progress every single day

Obsession with self improvement

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Good afternoon. How is your day so far?
It’s been raining and windy and freezing and
Feels like it’s the peak of this winter these days.
I don’t feel like going out at all but I am sure it’s gonna be summer really soon.

Today I’ve changed my name … well again.
From Anabelle Francoeur to Anabelle De la rosa
Please remember my name it’s simpler right? haha

Anyway. I have been having a sore foot for weeks and
I was thinking of what to do, and I have had this Chinese massage in QVB but
The lady was like just rubbing my feet and I told her to do it stronger then she was still rubbing.
Ok I gave up and today I went to another place and had this Ion treatment.

I’ve seen that at a few massage shops and was kind of interested in doing it
It’s maybe got nothing to do with my sore foot but
I felt a little better after this

I finally couldn’t figure what that thing was doing on my wrist though.
Were they checking my pulse?

The description says
During a 30minutes session,
the ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid waste.
The process is called reverse osmosis.

Anyway it’s about detoxification and maybe you can see which bit of your body needs to detoxify most.

My water became like… between Orange and Brown
The girl that came in to collect the water said maybe that’s from the liver
I don’t drink I don’t smoke… umm what have I done to you oh my liver.

Orange signifies “detoxifying from joints” and I have bad joints so I guess maybe that…

After the treatment my legs felt a lot lighter and I felt fresher so I guess it’s a good treatment
I don’t know how exactly it’s working on me though.
There people come back to only have this treatment every fortnight apparently.

It was good, was very boring, 30minutes… was almost falling asleep.
I prefer really firm Chinese massage but I would like to take this Ion thing every now and then if I can be bothered…
Now my body is still feeling a little warmer than usual. Lucky!