Darling night

Good morning everyone, how is your day so far?

Sydney’s been so cold and freezing these days.
The minimum temperature is like 5degrees and stuff everyday
Sometimes can’t feel my fingers at home, it’s really painful.

Anyway last weekend for the first time in my life
Despite the fact that I am from Japan ( and I assume it’s a Japanese thing as well…)
I have finally eaten Teppanyaki in Darling Harbor!

Anyway before that my girlfriend and I went to Lindt cafe

She’s famous for her sexy lips.
Angelina Jolie lips we call.

No one knows why she’s doing that to her eyes though.

Her eclair… not sure what’s on the top but it was amazingly good apparently.

My favorite, Excellence 70% Dark chocolate, Pistachio and Salt caramel macaroons!
We’ve decided to have a hot chocolate so I’ve kinda chosen not-so-sweet ones! 🙂

Hot chocolate ( Dark )
Pour melted chocolate and milk into the cup. Yum.

Anyway after a bit of girls talk at Lindt cafe
Finally heading to Teppanyaki

Even though I am from Japan and I’ve lived in there for years
I didn’t even know how Teppanyaki worked.

And the first thing I heard before walking into the restaurant was that

“At Teppanyaki, the cook throws eggs at you”

I almost stepped back.
Well apparently they cook eggs and throw it into customer’s face
And they just have to catch it with their mouth.

Anyway I was wondering how it’s gonna happen but I just walked in and
Sat between two hot plates.

I have always seen these scenes on magazines and pictures and TV and everywhere but
Never actually been to one! Was very interesting.

Cooking everything together…

Our vegetable Tempura.

One Teppanyaki set was pretty big and this is for one person.
If you order for two apparently you get four plates of this… or maybe two for vegetables and two for meats…
Anyway I wasn’t as hungry so even had hard time eating half of this.

They were just cooking normally most of the times but
As my friend asked for a Teppanyaki show they have done that for us after cooking everything

Sometimes pour some oil and

Fire!  This is to clean the hot plate as well apparently.
Burn everything on the plate

That was really cool.
Was all really sudden so couldn’t capture well but.
The main show I think

And the next one was the egg throwing

He makes the eggs into an omelet and cut it into pieces and throw it into their mouth.

He is so professional at throwing it! Never misses the mouth.
And customers always get it in there, it’s amazing.
I was holding the camera so running away from the eggs but…

That’s the one he throws the omelet into a bowl that the customers are holding.
They have to catch the egg in the bowl but that was apparently really hard, no one actually got it.

Serious face … “The professionalism”

And after cleaning all the plates
Some cooks came around and wrote messages for us with salt

They wrote it upside down, that was absolutely amazing.
Requires a lot of experience!

See you again-

And after filling our stomach with Teppanyaki
We went to a Hard Rock cafe which is on the same floor
That has just opened on last Friday.

Was a massive cafe/restaurant.
There were a lot of costume displays and guitars and videos
of famous people and old rockbands and… was so cool.

Beer and toast

Non alcoholic drink for me

His name was… Rene I think.
It was his recommendation. It’s not on the menu apparently.

It’s like some berry liquid on the bottom and mango sorbet on the top?

Didn’t ask for the name though..
Was really tasty. Really sweet.

You need a spoon to “eat” this though.
It’s like the sorbet juice thing you eat with a spoon-straw

Hard Rock!

Apparently if you pay a bit more extra you can get a free glass ( this glass ) at the Hard Rock shop.

Hard Rock cafe was pretty awesome.
That was only my second time walking into a Hard Rock cafe ( once at the airport in Singapore )
But that one was far bigger and nicer but they have too many bar staffs!
Thought there were more staffs than customers there.

Anyway their food looked nice too and I would love to come back and “eat” next time!
Hard Rock cafes everywhere in the world…

Anyway everything happened in Darling Harbor that day…
Darling Harbor is such a nice place to chill at…
Was a nice and tasty day!


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 13, 2011.

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