Awesome hair cut

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Hola! How have you been?
I haven’t written my blog in a while no?
Was doing busy last weekend and now I am a little sick
Maybe because of the weather… It’s started raining again.

Anyway today I was reading this L’Oreal ( INOA ) book at salon.
It was mostly about INOA color

This color was really popular at the previous salon I worked at and
The stylists always struggled to achieve this color apparently.
I have never heard anyone asking for this color but..

And there is this section in the book about

And I was looking through the pictures
And the haircut there was as awesome as the hair color!

Maybe it’s a coloring competition but
I just LOVE the hairstyle so much…
I am in love with those asymmetrical haircut.

This is an amazing art too.
The model is stunning gorgeous too!

But if I really did have this hairstyle it would take me a few hours to style my hair every morning for sure…
Maybe I could just straighten the whole thing when I can’t be bothered to style…

This is the hairstyle I want … on me.
I am wondering who can cut my hair like this in Sydney…

The ultimate awesomeness.

I don’t know how it’s like on the right side though.
I wanna cut my hair like this as soon as possible…
Apparently the salon that did this hair styling is in Queensland so I can’t really go…

Please let me know guys if you know any good hair salon in Sydney for a hair cut ๐Ÿ˜‰

Haven’t cut my hair in like a year or maybe more…
Finally time for me to!
As you can see already from all those funky photos
I am now so much into funky stuff!
Cloths, hair, make up… Anything!
This year… I am gonna go all funky! Like

Gwen Stefani

… and like

Rihanna! and

I like this Posh’s hair too it’s pretty!

“The trend” is not something you follow anyway.
It is something that follows your style.
It’s the best to have your own style, and be unique.

You might even be somehow creating the trend one day without even trying to at all
if you were only going your own way.

I like that!

Anyway 2011 I will be “Funky” ! Without becoming too blonde again…. well hopefully…


About hair wax

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Good morning everyone, how is your morning so far.
I went for run this morning again as always, was freezing.
I think this morning it was colder than usual.

Yesterday I have got a sudden urge to write about the hair wax that I am using on my blog and
forgot that at night, and I am writing that now.

Called UEVO, looks like a block.
The hair salon I used to work at only used this wax so they were my favorite.
When I went to Japan and went to a hair and beauty supplier, they were there and bought my favorite three.
Girls usually use the green one on right and the grey one for men.
The light green one on the top is a bit softer than the green one and it’s also good for girl’s hair styling for sure.
I think they have got about 10 different levels of shine/gloss and hardness.

The number says on the box/case shows it
The number on the left is for the hardness level and the one on right is for the shine/gloss level I think.

I remember we always run out of the grey wax, it was so popular!

You can put them together! So cute, looks like LEGO!

I like the green wax and I basically always only use the green one.
It’s a little shiny and light on hair, nice to apply on curled hair.

I am not sure where you can buy these wax outside Japan but
I think some Japanese salons have them too, double the price though..

And yeh by the way I have bought a lot of Manic Panic hair cream too, haven’t used them though…

I used to be really blonde like almost platinum blonde so I thought I could use them on my hair.
Would have been interesting if I could just make my hair pink but
I didn’t end up using them and dyed my hair permanently red then it all washed out ( turned out to be brown )
and then later on I have dyed my hair black then it all faded and now brown again.

About 3/4 of my hair doesn’t even have a bond inside anymore so eventually I have to cut them all off but…
Thinking of going bob or really short like Rihanna…

This is so pretty… Love this hairstyle.
Love how asymmetrical this hair style is.
It’s really beautiful but I don’t know how much weight I have to lose to pull off this hairstyle though.

I like these two too.
I personally like those thick fringe ( like Katie )
And I have always had one so would be nice…

Love Jessica’s hair color and the natural styling of the hair.
I wanna see the back of the hair though.

I wanna go back to blonde so badly but the same thing will happen again…

Anyway Have a good day everyone!
It is very cold today, take care! xx

Darling night

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Good morning everyone, how is your day so far?

Sydney’s been so cold and freezing these days.
The minimum temperature is like 5degrees and stuff everyday
Sometimes can’t feel my fingers at home, it’s really painful.

Anyway last weekend for the first time in my life
Despite the fact that I am from Japan ( and I assume it’s a Japanese thing as well…)
I have finally eaten Teppanyaki in Darling Harbor!

Anyway before that my girlfriend and I went to Lindt cafe

She’s famous for her sexy lips.
Angelina Jolie lips we call.

No one knows why she’s doing that to her eyes though.

Her eclair… not sure what’s on the top but it was amazingly good apparently.

My favorite, Excellence 70% Dark chocolate, Pistachio and Salt caramel macaroons!
We’ve decided to have a hot chocolate so I’ve kinda chosen not-so-sweet ones! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hot chocolate ( Dark )
Pour melted chocolate and milk into the cup. Yum.

Anyway after a bit of girls talk at Lindt cafe
Finally heading to Teppanyaki

Even though I am from Japan and I’ve lived in there for years
I didn’t even know how Teppanyaki worked.

And the first thing I heard before walking into the restaurant was that

“At Teppanyaki, the cook throws eggs at you”

I almost stepped back.
Well apparently they cook eggs and throw it into customer’s face
And they just have to catch it with their mouth.

Anyway I was wondering how it’s gonna happen but I just walked in and
Sat between two hot plates.

I have always seen these scenes on magazines and pictures and TV and everywhere but
Never actually been to one! Was very interesting.

Cooking everything together…

Our vegetable Tempura.

One Teppanyaki set was pretty big and this is for one person.
If you order for two apparently you get four plates of this… or maybe two for vegetables and two for meats…
Anyway I wasn’t as hungry so even had hard time eating half of this.

They were just cooking normally most of the times but
As my friend asked for a Teppanyaki show they have done that for us after cooking everything

Sometimes pour some oil and

Fire! ย This is to clean the hot plate as well apparently.
Burn everything on the plate

That was really cool.
Was all really sudden so couldn’t capture well but.
The main show I think

And the next one was the egg throwing

He makes the eggs into an omelet and cut it into pieces and throw it into their mouth.

He is so professional at throwing it! Never misses the mouth.
And customers always get it in there, it’s amazing.
I was holding the camera so running away from the eggs but…

That’s the one he throws the omelet into a bowl that the customers are holding.
They have to catch the egg in the bowl but that was apparently really hard, no one actually got it.

Serious face … “The professionalism”

And after cleaning all the plates
Some cooks came around and wrote messages for us with salt

They wrote it upside down, that was absolutely amazing.
Requires a lot of experience!

See you again-

And after filling our stomach with Teppanyaki
We went to a Hard Rock cafe which is on the same floor
That has just opened on last Friday.

Was a massive cafe/restaurant.
There were a lot of costume displays and guitars and videos
of famous people and old rockbands and… was so cool.

Beer and toast

Non alcoholic drink for me

His name was… Rene I think.
It was his recommendation. It’s not on the menu apparently.

It’s like some berry liquid on the bottom and mango sorbet on the top?

Didn’t ask for the name though..
Was really tasty. Really sweet.

You need a spoon to “eat” this though.
It’s like the sorbet juice thing you eat with a spoon-straw

Hard Rock!

Apparently if you pay a bit more extra you can get a free glass ( this glass ) at the Hard Rock shop.

Hard Rock cafe was pretty awesome.
That was only my second time walking into a Hard Rock cafe ( once at the airport in Singapore )
But that one was far bigger and nicer but they have too many bar staffs!
Thought there were more staffs than customers there.

Anyway their food looked nice too and I would love to come back and “eat” next time!
Hard Rock cafes everywhere in the world…

Anyway everything happened in Darling Harbor that day…
Darling Harbor is such a nice place to chill at…
Was a nice and tasty day!

Hair trends 2011

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Buenas noches everyone, how was your day?
My entire body is so dry for some reason that I always get statics everyday these days, I walk pass someone and get statics I get a change at shops from the counter girl and get statics… I gotta get used to it but it’s really annoying even the little tiny ones…

Anyway… 2011’s Hair trends.

Any kind of fringe I guess, I personally like Bang fringe though.

Fringe has been a big trend since last year apparently.
Having a fringe is a good way of covering your forehead ( especially if it’s big )
and makes your face look smaller and eyes bigger.

I have always had a fringe no matter what the trend was.

And next

Darker color on top
Could look like you haven’t done retouch in a while and your natural hair color is growing… well it could.

But if the darker bit is only 5minutes or so it really does look like you have only been lazy so
It gotta be at least long enough to look fashionable.

Many hair dressers I know dye the top of their head darker as well.
Well in my case I just simply haven’t done retouch in ages and it’s darker on the top but.

Also this is a coloring technique though you could put a lighter color around your forehead like a halo
and it will result in looking like it’s always shining around your forehead.
I don’t know if you could understand my explanation but it does look pretty for sure

I am not a huge trend follower but nice to watch out of these things every now and then.
I enjoy watching the change of fashion and trend every time.

And wonder what the next style that is coming up


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I was thinking
I was just thinking
Of a long hair styling.

Mannequin has got such a messy hair.
some of the hairs are threads, yellow and red and look nothing like a hair.

Maybe this photo quality is not as good but
The side is braided and top a lot of backcombing.

And brought the curls up and pinned them.
I need to get a lot of U shape hairpins for styling..

I personally like braiding and I used to like braid every single mannequins hair possible.
But human hair is way easier and I like doing it but haven’t done that in a while either…

Mannequin is not a good way of practicing hairdressing for sure…


Anyway I’ve got a few models for hair styling so exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

Remembered I used to like making chignons… a big one.

Would anyone like to volunteer to be my hair styling model?

Gotta go buy a lot of hairpins when the shops are open…

Photographer wanna be.

•July 9, 2011 • 1 Comment

Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Here is Anabelle! How are you today?

I am a dancer/model, hair stylist, soon to be MUA ( I hope! )
Also a learner photographer ๐Ÿ™‚
I am a curious kid, I just wanna do everything I can!

I have never been a professional photographer but
I have always loved photography since really little
Since maybe 5 or 6 I never left my camera, I couldn’t live without one.

Now I own a Canon 60D and been having a lot of opportunities to take photos with it.
I am having an opportunity to take photos in a club and of my friend’s cafe and
It is really exciting! can’t wait.

Anyway today I went out to a “meetup” with my photographer friend Richard

He showed up in this tiny bicycle thing.
Which was really cute, made him looked like he was only 50cm tall.

Meetup is a photographers gathering apparently.
Find a cool place and many photographers gather up together and
Take photos of the place or models if there is any.

Anyway yeh photographers gatherings.

And I have joined in there at Jubilee park today.

The place is an abandoned building ย and with a lot of abandoned trains inside.

I personally like this photo a lot.
I like the mood.

There were a lot of photographers setting up the lighting and taking photos of their models.
Was like 10 photographers taking photos of one model kind of ratio.
Must have been hard to pose to 10 cameras simultaneously…

The last photo is a fun one.
Flash and shake! Success! yay.

Gotcha! shot.

And a couple minutes later this girl called Karen and
two photographers showed up and they were generous enough to let us take photos of her.

She was a really pretty girl.
And I love her gothic fashion too! gotta love the shoes!

Like 20 cameras surrounding her- again.


Beautiful girl!
She’s gonna be a beautiful model… it was apparently her first shoot though.

This is my most favorite…
I love her natural expression

Her smile glows.

Anyway that’s about it… ( too much? )

And a bit more about the location

They were spraying on the train too.
I’ve never actually seen them do it so was kind of cool.

The place was so funky.
Any photographer would dream to shoot here..

Really funky!
The floor is broken and broken glasses and rubbish everywhere but

I will come back with a model next time… ๐Ÿ™‚

Thought place like this wouldn’t exist in Sydney but did ๐Ÿ™‚
Hope next time I can come back with a model!

Buenas noches x

Good morning the world

•July 7, 2011 • 1 Comment

Good morning, how are you.

I totally forgot about it but last night ( 07.07.2011 ) was so you call Tanabata rightIt’s a Japanese thing though, you write your dream on a tiny paper and put it up on a bamboo tree
and it will come true or make a wish upon a shooting star at the night and it will or…
I was just reading the Wikipedia of Tanabata story but I totally didn’t know the storyline so
Can’t really write anything about it though, it’s all about a prince and princess thing…
They could only see each other once a year and the day was 7th of July
So your dream would come true if it doesn’t rain on that day apparently.
I don’t know what it has got to do with rains but Wikipedia says so.

I couldn’t see a shooting star but
( Has anyone seen a shooting star before? I haven’t… does it actually happen ever? )
I prayed upon a star a lot
There was no shooting stars but there were a lot of planes flying around ( doesn’t count? )

I like to believe in those fancy stuff

I wanna live in Neverland!

By the way when I was graduating from kindergarden
We had to write our dream on a book

And when everyone wrote like florist.. bakery.. chef and those pretty stuff
I was the only one writing “NINJA” on there…
Did it come true? or is it going to?

Dreams dreams dreams when I was little
I thought my dreams wouldn’t come true so it’s no point of dreaming
I have been educated this way, don’t chase your dream, just do what you must do now.

Now think back and there are too many things “I should have done, but I couldn’t”.
Maybe I would have lived a different life if I really did though.

I still dream, always dreaming and wishing upon a star for minutes and minutes
Would anything come true, have we become way too realistic?