Feels fresher feel better

In this morning I was in my room looking at my new bag from Forever new
I always buy a lot of shoes but never got into the habit of buying bags so
It feels really new and fresh and feels like I could walk on a new pathway.

Well maybe too much exaggeration though really feel much better
Doesn’t really matter what kind of bag they are really

It was on sale and was the second last one…
It’s just my cultural thing but I find it funny how the workers react to some things.

The lady there talking to me got the price wrong and
at the counter she went

“Oops.. I said it was 30% more discounted from the price on tag but
it is already discounted already apparently! *awkward*
…At least you are buying it for much cheaper! :D”

Gotta love this culture, it wouldn’t work the same in Japan

Anyway, I wanted a bag my scissors case fits in so I am happy either way.
I don’t usually like white though as I always get everything white dirty.

Last night I went down to Darling harbor with my friend for dinner
for the first time in months!

We were initially gonna go to the bar he is gonna be working at and
we went there and figured they were closed ( Wednesday! )
So we rang Belgium beer cafe if we could make a booking for the night
( Wednesday mussle pot for half the price! ) then
They went it’s all full booked out and they could put us on a waiting list so

We just gave up and went down to harbor.

It’s one of my most favorite restaurants in Darling Harbor.
I am a huge fan of their steaks anyway.

It’s not a corn soup!
Seafood chowder my favorite but
I felt like it gets saltier everytime
Last night it felt like drinking salt.

Still the best though
My favorite garlic bread on the back.
Soft and crunchy on the same bread

Forgot what my friend was eating but
Apparently he wanted his steak well done and
The waitress was almost convincing him to order medium rare
looked a bit funny

Anyway the past few days have been really warm.
Yesterday I was even walking outside in half sleeved shirt…

Today is such a fine day again with no cloud on the sky.
Hope it’s gonna be a nice day.


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 27, 2011.

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