I am a Kerastase addict.
Everything I use for my hair is Kerastase
Well before I have worked in a Kerastase/L’Oreal salon and
Ever since I just can’t cut myself off them.

My favorite is the Chroma series the pink ones on the top left
They are for colored  hair and really rich and milky and smells so good!

My sharemate uses this series Oleo relax
And Oleo Slim masque is my favorite.
These are to smooth down your hair and gets rid of the hair frizz.
Leave in treatment smells like mango!

It’s not what I use but from the same series
My hair is very damaged as I have bleached my hair a couple times before
So this is not enough though Chroma reflect is basically for those
who’s dyed their hair black or darker, and Chroma reflect doesn’t really weigh down your hair
a light conditioner but still for colored hair
I love the look! so pretty!

I don’t know if it’s still popular now though
When I was working there there were always customers ( not only one )
coming in for this treatment every day.


The caviar pearls contain all the nutrition and the cream get them in through.
It comes with a 30minutes of head massage and I couldn’t forget the massage routine anymore.

And again it smells so good…
Forgot what it smelt like but it did smell good anyway
like you would wanna rub the treatment into your hand…

Not only these three but my favorite shampoos ( baths ) …
Chroma riche- colored hair ( rich )
Bain de force- strengthening the hair
Age recharge- repairing the hair, one of the lightest ones
Oleo relax- smoothing down, nourishing
Bio recharge- fixing scalp problem
Bain divalent- Oily scalp

Maybe that’s about it.
I even learnt French to study about Kerastase back then…
Can’t pronounce them anymore though…
I think Kerastase products are awesome with good technologies.

Oh yeh the last one

This was my speciality… lol

This was the only “heat activated” treatment from Kerastase when I was working there.
Bain Nutri-Thermique ( Shampoo )
Fondant Nutri-Thermique ( light conditioner )
Nutri-Thermique masque ( intense treatment )

This was and is my absolute favorite.
Back then my hair was almost platinum blonde and was so dry then
And this series was revolutionary as
It just so easily detangled my hair and made it so soft and smooth
It was absolutely addictive from the first use!

It was made for the most women who have a dry hair and
still use thermal hair styling tools like hot tongs or straighteners
Nutri thermique uses the heat ( Hot shower, hot towel, blowdryer, GHD…e.t.c )
to lock the nutrition within the hair

I always check out Kerastase salons from outside still but
They seem to have got new products again, but don’t know what.
I miss Kerastase so much I need the interaction with Kerastase products every now and then… lol

Hope I can go back to work in a Kerastase salon again soon and catch up… haha
Viva Kerastase XOXO


~ by anabelledelarosa on August 2, 2011.

One Response to “Kerastase”

  1. have you ever tried the O&M (Original & Mineral) products? they are seriously so amazing. couldnt recomend them highly enough.

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