Obsession with self improvement

Good afternoon. How is your day so far?
It’s been raining and windy and freezing and
Feels like it’s the peak of this winter these days.
I don’t feel like going out at all but I am sure it’s gonna be summer really soon.

Today I’ve changed my name … well again.
From Anabelle Francoeur to Anabelle De la rosa
Please remember my name it’s simpler right? haha

Anyway. I have been having a sore foot for weeks and
I was thinking of what to do, and I have had this Chinese massage in QVB but
The lady was like just rubbing my feet and I told her to do it stronger then she was still rubbing.
Ok I gave up and today I went to another place and had this Ion treatment.

I’ve seen that at a few massage shops and was kind of interested in doing it
It’s maybe got nothing to do with my sore foot but
I felt a little better after this

I finally couldn’t figure what that thing was doing on my wrist though.
Were they checking my pulse?

The description says
During a 30minutes session,
the ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid waste.
The process is called reverse osmosis.

Anyway it’s about detoxification and maybe you can see which bit of your body needs to detoxify most.

My water became like… between Orange and Brown
The girl that came in to collect the water said maybe that’s from the liver
I don’t drink I don’t smoke… umm what have I done to you oh my liver.

Orange signifies “detoxifying from joints” and I have bad joints so I guess maybe that…

After the treatment my legs felt a lot lighter and I felt fresher so I guess it’s a good treatment
I don’t know how exactly it’s working on me though.
There people come back to only have this treatment every fortnight apparently.

It was good, was very boring, 30minutes… was almost falling asleep.
I prefer really firm Chinese massage but I would like to take this Ion thing every now and then if I can be bothered…
Now my body is still feeling a little warmer than usual. Lucky!



~ by anabelledelarosa on July 20, 2011.

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