Spain Spanish in Sydney

Buenos dias! ¿Como estas?
Today is such a beautiful day… again.
Max temperature 23 Min 11degrees…
That’s like… summer now.

Hope it’s not gonna go down again I wish this weather would last forever…

Spanish night last night 🙂
With my Venezuelan friend

Forgot which restaurant exactly we went to haha
There are so many Spanish restaurants around that area ( On liverpool street )

Spanish wine ( with a lot of fruit ) Sangria
Mixed with Sparkling water and ice e.t.c. so it’s not alcoholic they say
Was very fruity but still was very alcoholic to me… haha

My friend’s favorite Jamon something… ( well HAM. )
Was very delicioso

Yumm I am already missing those beautiful food…
Never really have a courage to go to Spanish restaurant though ( especially alone )

My favorite, Paella!
I LOVE Paella, I absolutely love them!
I would even love to cook myself at home but don’t know how.

I have eaten Paella only twice before so that was my third time eating it
The first time was in Japan second time was at a fish and chips restaurant in Watsons bay
This one was the best for sure!

Chicken and seafood Paella…

And one another favorite of mine…

Churros con chocolate!
Spanish Doughnut!

Oh my baby I love you churros…
I think every Japanese does though!
Since they always have to eat them in Disney land… haha

Anyway I think Spanish food is my most favorite food now haha
I want to go to Melbourne again… Churros shops everywhere

Que tengas un bien dia hoy!


~ by anabelledelarosa on August 3, 2011.

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