Chameleon girls

California gurls by Katy Perry is like my recent favorite song.
Maybe cause my salon always plays it though.

Besides, she pulls off a lot of different look
that’s what I like about her, I love chameleon girls.
She is not just only a “I kissed a girl” girl.

She has such big eyes and pointy nose ( Well I love pointy nose )
I knew she was really pretty but I didn’t know she was that exceptionally gorgeous

I don’t listen to her music so I haven’t actually seen her after “I kissed a girl”
But a few months ago when I was walking in Myer I saw this poster of her

I think it is of her perfume no?
She was stunning I thought a long back hair suits her more than anyone else.

These are from the music video of California gurls.
Even blue hair looks awesome on her

This is gorgeous. From California gurls too.
She is awesome to pull off so many hair colors too.

I saw her in a blonde hair too, it looked so natural, rather suits her.
I am one chameleon girl too everyone tells me I always look too different every time they see me and
Some even don’t recognize me… even if we were friends.

I like her style! I may as well get more colorful wigs!



~ by anabelledelarosa on July 25, 2011.

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