Awesome hair cut

Hola! How have you been?
I haven’t written my blog in a while no?
Was doing busy last weekend and now I am a little sick
Maybe because of the weather… It’s started raining again.

Anyway today I was reading this L’Oreal ( INOA ) book at salon.
It was mostly about INOA color

This color was really popular at the previous salon I worked at and
The stylists always struggled to achieve this color apparently.
I have never heard anyone asking for this color but..

And there is this section in the book about

And I was looking through the pictures
And the haircut there was as awesome as the hair color!

Maybe it’s a coloring competition but
I just LOVE the hairstyle so much…
I am in love with those asymmetrical haircut.

This is an amazing art too.
The model is stunning gorgeous too!

But if I really did have this hairstyle it would take me a few hours to style my hair every morning for sure…
Maybe I could just straighten the whole thing when I can’t be bothered to style…

This is the hairstyle I want … on me.
I am wondering who can cut my hair like this in Sydney…

The ultimate awesomeness.

I don’t know how it’s like on the right side though.
I wanna cut my hair like this as soon as possible…
Apparently the salon that did this hair styling is in Queensland so I can’t really go…

Please let me know guys if you know any good hair salon in Sydney for a hair cut 😉

Haven’t cut my hair in like a year or maybe more…
Finally time for me to!
As you can see already from all those funky photos
I am now so much into funky stuff!
Cloths, hair, make up… Anything!
This year… I am gonna go all funky! Like

Gwen Stefani

… and like

Rihanna! and

I like this Posh’s hair too it’s pretty!

“The trend” is not something you follow anyway.
It is something that follows your style.
It’s the best to have your own style, and be unique.

You might even be somehow creating the trend one day without even trying to at all
if you were only going your own way.

I like that!

Anyway 2011 I will be “Funky” ! Without becoming too blonde again…. well hopefully…


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Awesome hair cut”

  1. This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

  2. Very interesting article. I hope to read one more.

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