Oops I did it again!

Confession of the shoeholic. Again.
I now own like 20 shoes at home maybe more.

I don’t buy a lot of cloths but keep buying only shoes!
I don’t know how I will wear them.

Firstly this is my most favorite shoes I bought online from Japan

Was around last September I think that I bought this shoes.
Was from Rakuten ( like Japanese version of ebay ) and
I thought was really cool, and it was only about $40AUD something.

It’s like one of the most comfortable shoes I own now and
It’s so easy to walk in this!
Also it’s got this massive cushion on the front bit so it’s not directly painful to the feet.
You can wear this with most of black cloths so I wear this a lot!
This is one of my favorite of all time

And this time’s oops I did it again was that

I accidentally bought two pairs of shoes again…

They were just so so cheap like $70AUD for two pairs and
I needed flat shoes for work so that’s for it…

Looks like it’s gonna break in a few days though hope they will survive for a while!

Today I was gonna have a photoshoot but I am a little sick for the first time in months
maybe from this weather and stuff so will take it easy today…
Resting time! Have a good day everyone xxx


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 26, 2011.

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