About hair wax

Good morning everyone, how is your morning so far.
I went for run this morning again as always, was freezing.
I think this morning it was colder than usual.

Yesterday I have got a sudden urge to write about the hair wax that I am using on my blog and
forgot that at night, and I am writing that now.

Called UEVO, looks like a block.
The hair salon I used to work at only used this wax so they were my favorite.
When I went to Japan and went to a hair and beauty supplier, they were there and bought my favorite three.
Girls usually use the green one on right and the grey one for men.
The light green one on the top is a bit softer than the green one and it’s also good for girl’s hair styling for sure.
I think they have got about 10 different levels of shine/gloss and hardness.

The number says on the box/case shows it
The number on the left is for the hardness level and the one on right is for the shine/gloss level I think.

I remember we always run out of the grey wax, it was so popular!

You can put them together! So cute, looks like LEGO!

I like the green wax and I basically always only use the green one.
It’s a little shiny and light on hair, nice to apply on curled hair.

I am not sure where you can buy these wax outside Japan but
I think some Japanese salons have them too, double the price though..

And yeh by the way I have bought a lot of Manic Panic hair cream too, haven’t used them though…

I used to be really blonde like almost platinum blonde so I thought I could use them on my hair.
Would have been interesting if I could just make my hair pink but
I didn’t end up using them and dyed my hair permanently red then it all washed out ( turned out to be brown )
and then later on I have dyed my hair black then it all faded and now brown again.

About 3/4 of my hair doesn’t even have a bond inside anymore so eventually I have to cut them all off but…
Thinking of going bob or really short like Rihanna…

This is so pretty… Love this hairstyle.
Love how asymmetrical this hair style is.
It’s really beautiful but I don’t know how much weight I have to lose to pull off this hairstyle though.

I like these two too.
I personally like those thick fringe ( like Katie )
And I have always had one so would be nice…

Love Jessica’s hair color and the natural styling of the hair.
I wanna see the back of the hair though.

I wanna go back to blonde so badly but the same thing will happen again…

Anyway Have a good day everyone!
It is very cold today, take care! xx


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 15, 2011.

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