Hair trends 2011

Buenas noches everyone, how was your day?
My entire body is so dry for some reason that I always get statics everyday these days, I walk pass someone and get statics I get a change at shops from the counter girl and get statics… I gotta get used to it but it’s really annoying even the little tiny ones…

Anyway… 2011’s Hair trends.

Any kind of fringe I guess, I personally like Bang fringe though.

Fringe has been a big trend since last year apparently.
Having a fringe is a good way of covering your forehead ( especially if it’s big )
and makes your face look smaller and eyes bigger.

I have always had a fringe no matter what the trend was.

And next

Darker color on top
Could look like you haven’t done retouch in a while and your natural hair color is growing… well it could.

But if the darker bit is only 5minutes or so it really does look like you have only been lazy so
It gotta be at least long enough to look fashionable.

Many hair dressers I know dye the top of their head darker as well.
Well in my case I just simply haven’t done retouch in ages and it’s darker on the top but.

Also this is a coloring technique though you could put a lighter color around your forehead like a halo
and it will result in looking like it’s always shining around your forehead.
I don’t know if you could understand my explanation but it does look pretty for sure

I am not a huge trend follower but nice to watch out of these things every now and then.
I enjoy watching the change of fashion and trend every time.

And wonder what the next style that is coming up


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 11, 2011.

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