I was thinking
I was just thinking
Of a long hair styling.

Mannequin has got such a messy hair.
some of the hairs are threads, yellow and red and look nothing like a hair.

Maybe this photo quality is not as good but
The side is braided and top a lot of backcombing.

And brought the curls up and pinned them.
I need to get a lot of U shape hairpins for styling..

I personally like braiding and I used to like braid every single mannequins hair possible.
But human hair is way easier and I like doing it but haven’t done that in a while either…

Mannequin is not a good way of practicing hairdressing for sure…


Anyway I’ve got a few models for hair styling so exciting! 🙂

Remembered I used to like making chignons… a big one.

Would anyone like to volunteer to be my hair styling model?

Gotta go buy a lot of hairpins when the shops are open…


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 10, 2011.

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