Photographer wanna be.

Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Here is Anabelle! How are you today?

I am a dancer/model, hair stylist, soon to be MUA ( I hope! )
Also a learner photographer πŸ™‚
I am a curious kid, I just wanna do everything I can!

I have never been a professional photographer but
I have always loved photography since really little
Since maybe 5 or 6 I never left my camera, I couldn’t live without one.

Now I own a Canon 60D and been having a lot of opportunities to take photos with it.
I am having an opportunity to take photos in a club and of my friend’s cafe and
It is really exciting! can’t wait.

Anyway today I went out to a “meetup” with my photographer friend Richard

He showed up in this tiny bicycle thing.
Which was really cute, made him looked like he was only 50cm tall.

Meetup is a photographers gathering apparently.
Find a cool place and many photographers gather up together and
Take photos of the place or models if there is any.

Anyway yeh photographers gatherings.

And I have joined in there at Jubilee park today.

The place is an abandoned building Β and with a lot of abandoned trains inside.

I personally like this photo a lot.
I like the mood.

There were a lot of photographers setting up the lighting and taking photos of their models.
Was like 10 photographers taking photos of one model kind of ratio.
Must have been hard to pose to 10 cameras simultaneously…

The last photo is a fun one.
Flash and shake! Success! yay.

Gotcha! shot.

And a couple minutes later this girl called Karen and
two photographers showed up and they were generous enough to let us take photos of her.

She was a really pretty girl.
And I love her gothic fashion too! gotta love the shoes!

Like 20 cameras surrounding her- again.


Beautiful girl!
She’s gonna be a beautiful model… it was apparently her first shoot though.

This is my most favorite…
I love her natural expression

Her smile glows.

Anyway that’s about it… ( too much? )

And a bit more about the location

They were spraying on the train too.
I’ve never actually seen them do it so was kind of cool.

The place was so funky.
Any photographer would dream to shoot here..

Really funky!
The floor is broken and broken glasses and rubbish everywhere but

I will come back with a model next time… πŸ™‚

Thought place like this wouldn’t exist in Sydney but did πŸ™‚
Hope next time I can come back with a model!

Buenas noches x


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 9, 2011.

One Response to “Photographer wanna be.”

  1. You took some nice shots πŸ™‚

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