Good morning the world

Good morning, how are you.

I totally forgot about it but last night ( 07.07.2011 ) was so you call Tanabata rightIt’s a Japanese thing though, you write your dream on a tiny paper and put it up on a bamboo tree
and it will come true or make a wish upon a shooting star at the night and it will or…
I was just reading the Wikipedia of Tanabata story but I totally didn’t know the storyline so
Can’t really write anything about it though, it’s all about a prince and princess thing…
They could only see each other once a year and the day was 7th of July
So your dream would come true if it doesn’t rain on that day apparently.
I don’t know what it has got to do with rains but Wikipedia says so.

I couldn’t see a shooting star but
( Has anyone seen a shooting star before? I haven’t… does it actually happen ever? )
I prayed upon a star a lot
There was no shooting stars but there were a lot of planes flying around ( doesn’t count? )

I like to believe in those fancy stuff

I wanna live in Neverland!

By the way when I was graduating from kindergarden
We had to write our dream on a book

And when everyone wrote like florist.. bakery.. chef and those pretty stuff
I was the only one writing “NINJA” on there…
Did it come true? or is it going to?

Dreams dreams dreams when I was little
I thought my dreams wouldn’t come true so it’s no point of dreaming
I have been educated this way, don’t chase your dream, just do what you must do now.

Now think back and there are too many things “I should have done, but I couldn’t”.
Maybe I would have lived a different life if I really did though.

I still dream, always dreaming and wishing upon a star for minutes and minutes
Would anything come true, have we become way too realistic?


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 7, 2011.

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