Dolor dolor dolor


How was your day everyone?
Well I am severely in a pain at the moment.

Yeh I gotta just get over it and anyway!
I will write about the hair styling I did recently
before falling asleep… which is real soon


Full head foils ( bleach ) and cut and…

Forgot what else I’ve done but I just liked the result
She was complaining that it was too bright but
It looks like a Japanese hostess girl!

You gotta love it…

You just don’t curl the hair to the same direction
Maybe half forward and half reverse

And this could happen.

Maybe reverse curls on the top.

And a lot of backcombing preferred on the top of the head


I love this color!
The color was all faded and looked all brown on the very next day though. I wonder why…
It was full bleached anyway how could it wash off?

Now I wanna try a lot of hair stylings… on someone though, not to myself

Myself personally I haven’t even cut my hair in like a year or even more.
Since the lady who has cut my hair last has gone back to Japan recently
I can’t find a chance to cut my hair or have a minute to consider about it

It’s just growing carelessly… Well I don’t really care since I curl it and blowdry it everyday though.

Still looks all right but If I just wash my hair and fall asleep straight away and wake up on the next day I must bet I would look amazingly horrible. I am more than sure about that.

Hot tongs are really important! as my hair is quite long now I use a big one like 38mm.
Sometimes they don’t leave a firm curl at the first go but if you keep doing it for a few times or
You curl it and leave it in the cold air for a bit and go back and curl it again and maybe do that a few times or
Even at the second time your curls can be made firm.

The styling, straightening or curling or whatsoever you do are shaped when it becomes cold.
You curl it and got a beautiful curl and you go outside straight away then it might get ruined when it gets cold.

So if you styled your hair, just leave it for a bit and cool it down, and then style again, use wax or spray whatever you want.
They should look much better! 🙂 Try that out

Anyway I don’t know why I am talking this much… I gotta sleep I am in a pain! lol

Wishing you all a beautiful night! Buenas noches!


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 7, 2011.

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  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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