Hola the world! How do you do in this fine morning?

Me personally is very stressed yet excited/motivated since last night.
Why… cause I have restarted studying English again after 4 years!

I am a Japanese girl from Japan, I’ve moved to Australia 4 years ago.
I’ve only started learning English upon my arrival
After 4 years I can speak a reasonable English now but there was something that has motivated me to study again.

Oh well… I am not saying what’s exactly happened then but it was big to me
Anyway! I will do it! Wish me luck 🙂


Okay today I will talk about my dress I’ve bought from Seduce ages ago for a party.

Was last year or even before that I have bought this dress.
I’ve bought this for a party but didn’t end up wearing it that time and
I’ve just chucked it in my suitcase and forgot about it

And a few days ago I’ve found it again and wore it to go to a salsa bar
I didn’t really think this dress was amazingly exquisite or anything so
I danced in this a few times and went to bathroom then

A lady just went “Oh my god you look SO PRETTY! you look like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine!!”

I was surprised but then I realized that this dress was pretty.
Oh well hope it is, and I finally wear this quite often now.

The prettiest bit of this dress is this big sleeve I bet.
Haven’t had a look but she was asking me if it was chiffon, it could be…

And this is on the sleeve as well, I like these tiny beads on it!
It’s elegant and pretty, hard to move in ( the skirt bit is tight ) but it’s my favorite now

I wore a beige high heel I bought from Japan with this.
Apparently that was the “perfect combination”.

I like wearing dress, I am not really good with trousers
I’ve started getting the urge of getting more dresses now!

Chao chao, have a great day!


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 6, 2011.

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