Good morning everyone, it’s absolutely the perfect weather and I am loving the cold air.
And I don’t know why but I’ve had about 20 nightmares this morning, I kept on falling asleep and waking up like every half an hour… and somehow all the dreams were nightmares, like my friend literally jumped off from like 40th floor and she was perfectly fine ( yeh not as bad then ) my other friend’s started bullying me and I was left out for a fashion show… and I don’t remember what but some random gang’ish cars were like sprinting  after me and my friend and we jumped into some hall ( muddy one ) and… such an adventurous dream. ( in a bad way of course. )

Anyway! Does anyone know what kind of dream signify of what? I always wonder those, before when I was really little I had a dream of an alien sprinting after me in a winery and somehow I didn’t get caught. Now think back and I was always famous as a slow runner so I must bet that that alien had no ability to run fast but. And in one dream my family and I were in an amusement park and I said I wanted to go to bathroom so I did, I was looking for a bathroom and by the time I came back to where my family was they were all gone, I looked everywhere for them but they were all gone home and I was really lost, oh wells, I can recall so many nightmares I have had, but not a single good one… Oh yeh I have had one good dream no actually two in the past.

One was a nice and simple one, it was a flower garden and there was one massive rock in the middle of the garden, and all I did was to kinda skip around the rock, and that was like the ultimate happy dream for me ( yes I was so much suffering from billions of nightmares since little ) And the second one was actually really good, was like… I was flying. I was flying everywhere so freely without a wing, and that was like the best feeling you can get ever. And when I landed, my grandma was there in the supermarket and she gave me this Sake made out of noodle and beans ( disgusting already eh? ) and I had a sip and vomited. That’s how I woke up!

Dreams are funny. I love them, I would be more interested if every single one of them signifies something in real life though. Like if you kissed your crush in your dream you will kiss him in real life tomorrow as well! That’d be very sweet!

Anyway… too much talking… I will talk about my Shoeholic finally!

I certainly do have a shoeholic, oh yeh I forgot to mention but the “flying dream” I have talked about implies that you have a sexual frustration apparently.
And so does Shoeholic! Someone told me before that those who keep buying shoes or those who own a lot of shoes are sexually frustrated! So means… am I? highly doubt that but I am ticking a few list for this!

I do own a lot of shoes, mainly high heels, if you count dance shoes it’s gonna be a million so I won’t, I will only talk about the fashion shoes.

It was maybe last year or even before, I have bought quite a few shoes from Wittnes
Well I still do as they are always doing sales, and I still wear what I bought a few years ago.

This was a really cute one, it’s more for spring. I wore this shoes for a magazine shoot this year.

( Photo : right )
The dress is from Forever new, I don’t think they are selling the same thing still but that was my favorite and I am still waiting to wear it in next Spring!

And the another one I bought from Wittnes is this.

I have bought this initially for a photoshoot for a French vintage style.
It’s quite pretty and it looks good with white dress or pretty classy ones.
This shoes are pretty cause of the ribbons

It’s not really like my style but I still can wear this shoes with many kind of dress.
Wittnes is so convenient and they are selling so cheap yet the shoes were awesome!

A minute before photoshoots e.t.c and when I urgently need some kind of shoes for the shoot theme.
I usually run to Wittnes and buy a few pairs of shoes, you can usually find what you want there!

Thanks for reading my loong blog again!
I need to learn to write shorter… But today’s nightmares were too shocking to me! haha
I am writing soon again, maybe next entry would be about photography…

Have a good day everyone, with a lot of love xx


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 5, 2011.

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