Hello hello, how are you today? I have happened to wake up real early so thinking of going for a jog soon…
Oh well anyway! My name is Anabelle, nice to meet you, I am a model / hair dresser from Sydney Australia and
I have been blogging since I was little and it seems like I can’t live without it anymore!

I have just opened up this blog and I am writing about fashion hair beauty and photoshoots and… all the little things in my life
Hope you enjoy it and share your story with me 🙂

A little bit about myself…
Apparently… I LOVE shoes!  I own a LOT of shoes and I never stop buying them!
At some stage I have told myself they were for photoshoots but they were ACTUALLY NOT! 😦
I have a surprising amount of shoes and will keep gaining.
Also I am a cosplayer and I LOVE cosplaying since I was young.
I usually buy costumes from Japan as they are cheap and good quality but I am kind of having my eye on Paddy’s market.
They have cheap costumes ( well dodgy as well but. ) all over too.
Recently I have got a few more costumes and am excited to have a shoot in those!

I also like travelling, photography and oh yeh I forgot to write about it, I am a dancer also!
I am originally a Gogo dancer, I have been dancing since 3 and I am still learning many kind of dance and
love dancing freestyle, I have a huge passion in latin american dance though!
I sometimes even wonder if I was half latina or something!

Anyway… it’s a whole big entry from the beginning…
Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading above all.

Please come have a look every now and then and hope we have fun together!

Chao! with a lot of love
Anabelle xoxo


~ by anabelledelarosa on July 3, 2011.

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